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Good Bird Magazine is unlike any parrot behavior and training resource you have ever seen. The innovative digital magazine is taking the best of technology and using it to help parrot enthusiasts get the help and information they need to have a great relationship with their parrot.

Learn How to Train Your Parrot! Get step by step instructions on how to train different behaviors like nail trimming, wearing a harness, talking on cue and step up. Included in this feature are video clips that clearly demonstrate how to get your parrot to present desired behaviors.

Solve Parrot Behavior Problems! Get answers to some of the most commonly seen parrot behavior problems such as screaming for attention and biting behaviors.

Get Inspired! Good Bird Magazine includes success stories from real people and their parrots. Video clips show you their amazing transformations from problem parrot to cherished companion.

Expand Your Knowledge! Learn more about the principles of learning and how it effects you and your parrot. Practice identifying parrot calls and reading parrot body language (now presented in video format). Get information to help you work with your flighted parrot. Discover places parrot enthusiasts love to visit…..and so much more.

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